Technical Support

Get the best technical support without even leaving your house!

Free Check Up / Diagnostics

Get your computer checked for problems 100% FREE! With the free diagnostics, a technician will perform a quick, surface level check-up to find common errors and viruses. The technical support will be carried out remotely. Call +1 (415) 854-0714 between the hours of 8 00 AM to 10 00 PM PST for direct support.

Advanced Diagnostics

Catch more than just the obvious problems! With our Advanced diagnostics, a technician will manually search through the file system and registry to find hidden viruses and errors that would normally be invisible.

Basic Tuneup

Get your computer running faster with our Basic Tuneup! A technician will make system changes and run basic cleanup tasks to remove junk files and improve overall performance.

iPhone Screen Replacement

Get your iPhone screen replaced today! Apple charges a minimum of $136.98 to replace a cracked screen. We can do the same work for half the cost! We can make your iPhone look new! Get an iPhone Screen Replacement today!

Advanced Tuneup

Get your computer running faster with our Advanced Tuneup! A technician will make advanced system changes and run advanced cleanup tasks to remove junk files, registry errors, broken shortcuts, cookies, browser history and massively improve performance.

Driver Updates

Improve security and stability with our driver updates! Drivers act as the bridges between hardware and software. Most drivers are not automatically updated. This causes issues when interacting with hardware such as USB drives, printers and monitors. Outdated drivers can also pose a security risk as they carry more vulnerabilities.

Error Repair

Get any software error with your PC fixed fast with our Error Repair service! A technician certified for your operating system will identify the cause and correct the error.

Virus Removal

Nobody likes a virus! Viruses can cause major privacy issues and perform tasks such as the logging of keystrokes, voice recording, and even spying on you through your webcam! Viruses can also delete data such as documents, photos and videos! While 70% of computer users have some form of malicious software on their computer, few know it. If you suspect that you have a virus, contact us immediately for a free diagnostics. If you are receiving ad pop-ups or payment prompts, or if your anti virus has alerted you that you are infected, purchase the virus removal, and a technician will be happy to assist you with the removal process.

Operating System Installation

Get a fresh, new operating system installed! A technician will set up, and install a clean copy of the operating system of your choice. The options are Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Distributions. This is a complete way to fix errors, remove viruses and get your computer upgraded to the latest software.

Account Assistance

Get your accounts in order with our Account Assistance service! A technician will help you configure accounts such as your email account, your online banking account, your Amazon account and more!

Software Installation

Get help setting up any software! A technician will install any software for you and ensure that it works correctly.

Technology Lessons

Learn how to use Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS! A certified technician will instruct you on the usage of these operating systems and teach you the basic terminology associated with them.

Save More!

Are you paying too much on your bills? An expert will look at all of your recurring payments and find out where you can save! If we can't save you money, you don't pay us anything!

Security Testing

Get your computer system rigorously tested for vulnerabilities by one of our professional security researchers. Don't let your business fall victim to malicious hackers! Protect your assets and customers, catch the problems early with our security testing package!